Statement regarding 2004 Varsity article

Statement regarding 2004 Varsity article

Please click below to read a statement regarding an article by Noel Semple printed in the Varsity campus newspaper in 2004.

Earlier today, I was disappointed and deeply embarrassed to be reminded of a 2004 opinion column in the U of T student paper that I wrote as a student. In this column, I opined on the university’s proposed LGBTOUT student fee hike, drawing offensive, shortsighted, and not at all comparable parallels to my own experience with bullying growing up. As a young and naïve student, I never intended to hurt people, but wrote provocatively, with flippant language.

2SLGBTQ+ people are without question an equity-deserving and underrepresented community in our society. 2SLGBTQ+ identity is rich and complex -- not a "set of sexual behaviour patterns." It was ignorant of me to suggest otherwise, and in the 18 years between when I wrote this op-ed and now, I have better acquainted myself with the true nature of homophobia and anti-2SLGBTQ+ discrimination, and committed myself to fighting it.

Looking back on it, I understand how this column was hurtful and apologize unreservedly to the 2SLGBTQ+ community.

I want to emphasize that I have always supported the 2SLGBTQ+ community and expressly support same-sex marriage within that column. I’m proud to run as part of a Liberal team with a diverse slate of candidates and a firm commitment to ensuring that everyone in Ontario can love and live as their authentic selves.